Fam bam!

We’re a neighborhood establishment, and neighborhoods are made up of families, and families are made up of people. We love our people! At Liberty House Coffee & Cafe, our family is the key part of our success and a big reason that folks seem to love us and continue to come back. We thought it may be a little selfish on our part to keep these amazing people all to ourselves, soooo we asked our crew 3 questions to get to to know them a little better. And now you get to know them better too!

Q1 – If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Q2 – What is your favorite smell on a summers evening?
Q3 – If you could have dinner with someone who is no longer alive, who would it be?

David; chef/owner

A1: Tomatoes covered in black pepper
A2: Fresh cut grass
A3: Robin Williams or Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Sydney; house manager/owner

A1: Crawdads!
A2: A combination of sunscreen and a basket of clean laundry
A3: T.S. Elliot