That New New

It’s done, it’s really DONE! A big thank you goes out to the DIVISION/DESIGN team for being so patient with us and our “relaxed” approach to content deadlines.

We are extremely excited about our new site; not only is it a significant upgrade from our first virtual home, but it will allow for a lot more information and interaction for/with you, the customer.

Here are some highlights:

Beautiful new imagery, captured by the talented Alex Tracy. Check out his work here.

Menus! – Check out both our Coffee and Café menus and look for weekly specials on our blog (The Grind), as well through our social media channels. 

We’ll keep an updated list of “OUR GOODS” on the new Garden & Goods page. This is a list of what we grow in our on-site garden, as well as the goods we get from our local and regional partners.

The Grind – This is our blog page where you’ll be able to read about weekly specials, featured employees, special events, and whatever else we feel like grinding about. 

Contact – Sign up for our newsletter in the footer or reach out through our contact page with any questions or comments, or just to say ‘hey!’.

We hope you enjoy as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.